Question by  Sirerikt (17)

What are some tips for playing deep heavy metal sounds?

The guitar part only.


Answer by  Nix (10)

A lot of the depth in heavy metal guitar comes from just that; deep notes. Tuning your guitar to Drop D or Drop C tuning and playing nothing but power chords is a great way to get those low, growling sounds. Also, avoid playing things in major keys. Minor, diminished, and more exotic keys are the way to go.


Answer by  worker5661 (131)

practice scales and alternate picking for quickness and precision during solos/technical riffs. for a deeper sound, tune the guitar lower. learn songs by your favorite artists for reference on songwriting.


Answer by  Ravyn (114)

The most important step to getting deep, heavy metal sounds on the guitar is to have an appropriate amp for the style, such as a Marshall or Line 6.


Answer by  IlliniFan28 (24)

Get some good effects pedals or a processor. I like using a ton of distortion with some slash sounding effects.

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