Question by  Traci (55)

What are the best heavy metal electric guitar strings?


Answer by  chuchurocka (19)

to get the thick metal 'chug' sound, most players tend to use very heavy gauge strings, 11's or 12's. Often, when the guitar is going to be tuned down 1 or 2 steps (d / c), players will use heavier strings on the low 3 string ( e a d) to compensate for the the extra slack.


Answer by  helper58 (38)

Blue steel strings by Dean Markley They are treated with liquid nitrogen and keep there tone and brightness alot longer than regular strings not treated.They cost a bit more but they will be well worth your money.


Answer by  cashian (376)

There are many brands that are popular, however you want to first go by gauge. A good heavy sound comes from .10 to .50 gauge strings. The thicker the strings, the heavier and harder the sound. Soem folks find that they are harder to bend. Brands such as: Ernie Ball, GHS or D'Addario are the go-to brands.


Answer by  86monte (57)

The "best" string will depend heavily on your playing style and the tuning you select. Ernie Ball has different lines of strings which are tailored to alternative tunings.


Answer by  whizkidmuse (44)

D'Addario XL strings are one of the best for rock and heavy metal due to their bright tone and excellent intonation.


Answer by  Anonymous

Dunlop electric guitar strings !!!


Answer by  ihavejrocklove (4)

Personaly, I have no preference what so ever to heavy metal electril guitar strings. They are all the same to me. It only matters if they work well with the guitar or not.


Answer by  dotfret (282)

Go ask for a "skinny top heavy bottom" set - lets you play fat chords and slick bends! A couple of firms supply them, eg Ernie Ball.


Answer by  greggyk (0)

I haven't been able to play much lately because of my neighbors so I've been studying on other aspects of guitar. String being one of them. Most widely used strings by the experts are Ernie Balls, D'addario, GHS Boomers, DR strings, Dunlop and Dean Markley, especially their Blue Steel.

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