Question by  Greta (233)

What happened at ancient Hawaiian funerals?

My ancestors were Hawaiian.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

It really all depends on the church/organization, but Hawaiians generally believe in afterlife in a way that the ancients/ancestors look over us. That's why it is important to respect the graves and their contents. Most Hawaiians believe in a water burial, where the body's ashes can "return" to nature. Attendees would wear bright colorful garb and a celebration would commence.


Answer by  Pandy (14)

The bones were stripped of flesh after being burned for 10 days, the burned flesh being put out to sea. The body was either laid straight out, or in a in a flexed position, tied and wrapped in tapa. Tapa is the pounded flat bark of the paper mulberry tree.


Answer by  Jon70 (12)

Hawaiians mostly were buried at sea. They were either cremated and their ashes scattered into the ocean, or the whole body was placed in the water.

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