Question by  ronrow (17)

What are some Hawaiian appetizers?

I am having a Hawaiian themed meal.


Answer by  Devierue (317)

First of all, appetizers are called "pupus" in Hawaii. You could typically find coconut pudding, manapua (like chinese bao - a steamed bun filled with pork), pork hash, various fruit platters, ahi poke (raw fish medley, looks similar to pico de gallo) and, believe it or not, SPAM products, all serving as appetizers.


Answer by  JadeRick (61)

Here are some Hawaiian appetizers. Bacon Toasties & Manchego Triangles, Tuna poke, Vegan vs. Carnivore Throwdown, Duck and Shitake Lettuce Wraps with Cashew Sauce, BLT Bites.


Answer by  Tammy2075 (133)

How about mini-hawaiian pizzas, coconut shrip with pineapple sauce, mini fresh fruit kabobs, a bowl of toasted nuts mixed with coconut and chocolate, and mini pastry cups with barbeque pork inside of them.


Answer by  DactyL (326)

Aloha crisps are delicious. Wrap bacon strips around pineapple chunks and broil it. Make sure the bacon is done and crisp. This is best served hot. Chicken Pupu's are also good. They take more effort to make than aloha crisps but it is delicious. Rumaki is also popular. Hawaiian themed kabobs are fun and good.

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