Question by  ritt (10)

What are some good Hawaiian costume ideas?

I am going to a Hawaiian party soon and don't know what to wear.


Answer by  jill46 (100)

If the costume is for a male, you could wear a Hawaiian button up shirts and khaki's. Or you could dress like one of the Native American's who live there(like the Saved By The Bell movie). If the costume is for a female you could go as a hula girl.


Answer by  Aline (114)

There is always the grass skirted hula dancer or a native of the island wearing a Mumu. But a great alternitive would have to be dressing as Pele the goddess.


Answer by  leah84 (1043)

The most common Hawaiian costumes are flowered shirts, for men and grass skirts and coconut bras for ladies. Ladies also tend to wear one or two piece dresses with hibiscus flowers on them and any kind of sandal or flip flops (for men and women) are a must.


Answer by  Pauly (12)

Well you can go to a traditional party dressed up with Hula Skirts and Coconut tops, depending if you're a female or a male.


Answer by  TonyB (341)

You could dress like a tourist with bermuda shorts and black socks with sandals and carry a camera around your neck.


Answer by  hconghoops (11)

There are many good Hawaiian costume ideas. If you want to keep it simple and the costs relatively low, a simple flowered shirt worn with casual shorts will do the trick. No matter how you dress, a traditional lei necklace is a must to complete the look.


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

for men, just wearing a bathing suit, sunglasses,a hawaiian shirt and carrying around a surfboard will be the best way to go for the party. For women, a grass skirt is always a winner.

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