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Question by  marcky012 (18)

How long can I wait before getting a tooth filling replaced?


Answer by  Anonymous

I highly reccomend going in immediately. If it hurts, it means it is infected. If it is infected, you can get blood poisoning, due to the high number of blood vessels in the mouth. It is not rare, and it can be lethal. Dont wait.


Answer by  Bobbie40N (79)

I know from personal experience that I can wait 18 months. I already have and I will continue to wait until I have saved the money I need to pay the dentist. It hurts from time to time but I manage to keep it clean with frequent brushing and by rinsing with warm salt water.


Answer by  llfredericks (36)

The longer you wait, the higher chance for infection or cracking. Requiring additional work or complete tooth removal. Consider purchasing a temp filler from your local drugstore in the meantime.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

Only a dentist would know for sure. It really depends on the size of the filling and other factors. In general, the sooner the better.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You could wait if you absolutly had to but I wouldn't suggest it. Without the filling your tooth is more likely to continue to corrode away and get more cavities. When you have a hole in your tooth food gets stuck up in the hole and stays in there. That causes the corrosion to continue at an alarming rate.

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