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Question by  worker1025 (9)

Will taking Motrin help a toothache?

How much will I need to take if it will help?


Answer by  mouscelia (170)

Yes, Motrin is an anti-inflammatory medication designed to reduce inflammation and pain. A toothache is usually caused by infection which is inflammatory in nature, so taking Motrin should help it immensely. You should follow the dosing instructions on the bottle. This is only for adults, do not give to children.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Yes, ibuprofen products are commonly used for toothaches and are even prescribed (up to 800 mg) by dentists after surgical procedures or extractions. The regular dosage is between 200-400 mg at a time depending on age and weight. Motrin can cause stomach upset, so should be taken with milk or small meal. See dentist if condition persists or worsens.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

It isn't likely to help much. Motrin (or any ibuprofen) works best when inflammation is involved. For a toothache you need to see a dentist.


Answer by  sunshine77 (7)

Motrin is a brand name for Ibuprofen, and can be used to relieve any pain,even pain in the tooth,can be taken up to 500 mg every 6 hours;for severe pain,you may need a prescription which has some other pain reliever along with Ibuprofen. Please see a dentist if the pain persists.


Answer by  Shankalot (484)

Motrin is very helpful at allieviating pain, and it works well with a toothache. Taking one capsule should help with the toothache, but if you are in serious pain or one pill doesn't help go with two pills. Do not exceed two pills in the prescribed time on box.


Answer by  lesreg (100)

Yes, motrin is a pain reliever and it will help a toothache. You should take the recommended dosage on the bottle but if you need to take more, you should take no more than half the extra dose.

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