Question by  nykclifton (37)

Which game is better - Deadly Strike or Diablo 2?


Answer by  Anon73 (26)

Diablo II, It is a very immersive RPG that is made by blizzard, a very good game company with many other good releases, you can pick your class and level him up in diablo II and fight bosses and earn items and weapons and party up with people, there are many different fun aspects of the game


Answer by  DawnDove (76)

Diablo 2 is better than Deadly Strike, having more options and more fun. Diablo 2 is a great game that will make you anticipate every next second. Deadly Strike is a good game with some good action, however it is not as enticing as Diablo 2 is. Diablo 2 will not let you down.


Answer by  Baumkuchen (22)

Diablo 2 is way better. Beside the successfulness of Diablo 2, the game itself is an amazing game with high performance visual effects at its time and great story. Also the gameplay where we can choose jobs, skills, partners and the expansion packs are not the features that we can find altogether in other games.

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