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Question by  blang (45)

When does a child get their first molars?


Answer by  Bindy (11)

My first child got her first molar in when she was 18 months old, but my son's first molars came in when he was 15 months old. My daughter was traumatized by teething and had an awful time as her teeth budded, but I hardly noticed when her molars started coming in.


Answer by  Jennk (388)

Most children get their first set of molars, dubbed the "two-year-old molars" between 18-24 months of age. Not all kid's mouths grow at the same pace though, yours may get them sooner or later than others. If your toddler still does not have them by the time they're 30 months, see a pediatric dentist.


Answer by  vir (118)

A child gets his or her first molar at the age of six years along with the front two lower teeth. The roots are not completely formed at this age though. Root formation ofr these molars is usually complete within two to two and a half years after eruption. There may be a varaiation of plus or minus 6 months.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Molars come in at any time in a child's mouth. They can get them young or when they're older. Usually they come in around 5 or 6 years of age.


Answer by  madleymade (49)

Children usually get their first permanent molars at, or around, age 6. They are often referred to as "6 year molars".

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