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Question by  KGates (16)

What is tooth resorption?

And what causes it?


Answer by  vsgunnam (222)

Root resorption is caused by the disintegration or destruction and consequent loss of the root structure of tooth.This happens when living body cells attack a portion of the tooth. When the damage grips the whole tooth, it is called tooth resorption. Root resorption, the fore runner of tooth resorption,is usually caused by the pressure on root surface.


Answer by  snale21 (34)

It is the breakdown and loss of the tooth. The cause can be from trauma or impact to tooth and usually spreads from the root. Another possible cause is aggressive tumors and growths.


Answer by  bbbrooke (30)

In simple terms, the term tooth resorption refers to the loss of the root structure found within a tooth resulting from either the breakdown or destruction of the root within the tooth.


Answer by  SavaFiend76 (72)

Tooth resorption is when the tooth enamel dissolves (also known as demineralization). It can happen because of trauma/injury or infection.

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