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Question by  dogownernj (82)

What is a good playmate for a yorkshire dog?

I am considering getting a new dog and want to know what breed would be good for the one I already have.


Answer by  annie52foof (1459)

I would suggest purchasing another small breed dog so it is on the same level as your yorkie and less apt to get hurt accidentally. Also maybe consider a cat!


Answer by  k9bubbles (74)

Having a friend for your existing dog can combat loneliness and be a great companion. Yorkie's tend to be a delicate breed and need a delicate playmate. Perhaps a second Yorkie would be the best idea. Although other breeds may be friendly with small dogs, in fun they can easily injure the smaller breeds.


Answer by  ChristinaRamirez (481)

Since a yorkshire is a small dog, and only weighs about 7 to 8 pounds,I think the perfect playmate for this breed would be another yorkshire.


Answer by  Riley (765)

First and most important is that little dogs like your yorkshire need tiny playmates. The reason is because of the danger of injury because of the dog's unnaturally small size. Dogs should be matched by play style. Young dogs should not be around other dogs until they have their first two rounds of shots.

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