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Question by  rfoltz33 (217)

What flavors does Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn come in?

I'm making a gift basket and want to make sure I've got them all.


Answer by  MWhite (101)

They have nine different varieties. They are: Homestyle, Butter, Movie Theater Butter, Extra Butter, 94% Fat Free Butter, Jumbo Pop Movie Theater Butter, Jumbo Pop Butter and Light Butter. They also have a combo pack that sells Butter and Movie Theater Butter. The 'Jumbo Pop' really aren't different flavors though, they're just bigger corn kernels.


Answer by  DeborahSG (212)

Pop Secret is a microwave popcorn produced by Diamond Foods. Pop Secret comes in nine flavors, all in a recognizable blue box with primary colors used for the text. The flavors are: Homestyle; Movie Theater Butter; Extra Butter; Movie Theater Butter Variety Pack; Jumbo Pop Movie Theater Butter; Butter; Light Butter; 94% Fat Free Butter; and Jumbo Pop Butter.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn comes in "Homestyle," "Movie Theater Butter," "Extra Butter," and "Cheese" flavors. The cheese-flavored flavor may be hard to find, as it is quite new.


Answer by  Marnely (17)

Movie theater butter, homestyle, extra butter, and butter. All the flavors are based on the fat butter to add more flavor to the popcorn. The levels of butter are different, for different palates. When making a popcorn gift basket, why not add an inexpensive popcorn maker and some salts to flavor it with?


Answer by  tina63 (273)

Butter, Extra Butter, Movie Theater Butter, Home Style, 94% Fat Free Butter, Light Butter, Jumbo Pop Movie Theater Butter, Jumbo Pop Butter, 100 Cal Pop Butter, 100 Cal Pop Homestyle, 100 Cal Pop Kettle Corn, Kettle Corn, Cheddar.

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