Question by  yusef (22)

What are the rules in baseball if you are hit by a pitch that first hit the dirt?

As the batter if you are hit by a pitch in baseball that first hit the ground do you still take a base?


Answer by  Brett (7986)

If it hits the dirt before it hits the batter, than no, you don't get a base. You only get to go to first if the ball hits you directly. It can't go off of your bat, off of the ground, off the catcher or the umpire, it must hit you directly.


Answer by  kayers (281)

No, you do not take a base. Since it hit the dirt first, it is counted as a ball. However, if the ball hits the player and rolls out of the catcher's reach, the hitter may try to run for first base.


Answer by  gman9976 (248)

If a pitch is made and it hits the dirt first and then strikes the batter,he is considered to be hit by the picth.


Answer by  joantheresa (1421)

You do not get to take a base if you are hit by a pitch that first hit the ground. Once the ball hits the ground, it is considered a "dead ball" and will be called a ball by the umpire. So you will continue with your "at bat" until you either hit the ball, walk, or strike out.

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