Question by  Kim90 (22)

What are some good items for a scavenger hunt?


Answer by  Ender33 (51)

Photographs. Taking Photographs of public places. A cookie recipe. A magazine. A can of soda. A paper grocery bag. A watch battery. A used stamp. A potato. A hangar. A christmas card.


Answer by  dcasst2002 (31)

Some good items for a scavenger hunt would be: white sock, black address book, yellow pencil, Reader's Digest magazine, dog bone, twig, leaf, blade of grass, black strand of hair, grocery coupon, pair of scissors, red shirt, green scarf, pair of eyeglasses,photograph of a car,piece of used chewing gum, and a bandana.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

Instead of traditional scavenger hunts, try a photographic scavenger hunt. For example, some of the list items could be: getting a picture in front of a starbucks sign, taking a picture with a cop (bonus points if he's holding a donut), a picture with a sand castle, a picture with identical twins, etc.


Answer by  Anonymous

Kasey & Ashley's 18th Birthday Scavanger Hunt

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