Question by  carguy (46)

What are some good high protein nuts?

I have heard that nuts are a healthy snack and source of protein.


Answer by  Shannie (88)

All nuts are a source of protein - I would recommend almonds and stay away from salted or chocolate covered nuts. Peanuts and pistachios are also excellent to snack on.


Answer by  livingchoice (84)

One of the best places to get protein from are nuts! The nut with the most protein is Almonds with about 21g of protein per 100 gram serving. Other high protein nuts are cashews 20g, Brazil nuts 14g, Hazelnut 14g and pine nuts 14g.


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

While nuts get a bad wrap for being high in fat, nuts are actually very good for you and play an important part in a balanced diet. Surprise, peanuts (out of the shell) actually top the list as the highest in protein,. Almonds follow next and then cashews. Brazil and hazelnuts are the same in value and are next.


Answer by  ktt (355)

All nuts have a good amount of protein. Some delicious nuts you could eat include walnuts, peanuts, pecans, and almonds.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

Peanuts and almonds actaully have the highest protein content by weight, coming in at 6. 71gm/oz and 6. 03gm/oz respectively. Other nuts that are high in protein are Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, and hazelnuts, all of which are within the 4gm/oz range.

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