Question by  penrose (235)

Should restaurants be required by law to disclose the nutritional information of their menu items?

It would be nice if it were all printed on the menus.


Answer by  Krabi (112)

I think restaurants should be required to disclose the contents of their food. They should be able to sell whatever they want, but they should have to inform consumers about the details of their purchase.


Answer by  SriLanka (264)

Yes, all restaurants should be required to release the nutrition information, but I don't think it really has to be on the menu itself. I think that is a little overkill - it should just be easily available to those that want to know.


Answer by  Malinovsky (71)

Yes, they should be required to inform their customers the nutritional information about the food they sell. I am really surprised that this is a contentious issue. This is not regulating what people can buy/sell, just requiring businesses to tell their customers what they are going to ingest.


Answer by  Sonya56 (65)

In my opinon, restaurants should disclose the nutritional informaton on their menues. Not only to cover themselves but also to protect theri patrons. Life threatening allegies do exist


Answer by  kungfukid (1241)

It would be nice, but it will do no real good. McDonalds makes it available already and millions of people eat there anyway.

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