Question by  revrandy1217 (15)

How do you write the names on the inner envelope of a wedding invitation?


Answer by  Matt83 (112)

You write whoever is actually invited. Example: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Bob, Charlie, Sue. you have to write every name of the people who want to be there, and do not list who you do not want to be there. If you do not list someone, then that person is not invited.


Answer by  reliable15 (12)

The inner envelope of a wedding invitation is addressed based on your familiarity with the addressees. If you do not know them well, use a more formal treatment. If you know them well, use the names you usually call them, such as "Aunt Mary and Uncle David".


Answer by  mnelsongentry (13)

The correct etiquette for the inner envelope of a wedding invitation is to write the person you are inviting's first names only. If you are inviting a relative you can write Uncle or Aunt so and so. If it is a family you are inviting you need to include each person in the family.


Answer by  Myself70 (128)

You write Mr. and Mrs. so and so but no address. The inner envelope can be less formal if you want as well. If you are for instance you could right Jones Family and instead of Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jones. It should only have the names on it though.


Answer by  npatin44 (258)

You should address everything according to a persons full and proper name. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. If a spouse kept their last name then both names should be used. Always refer to their professional name, i. e. Dr. or Esq.


Answer by  cece46 (222)

You can write the names on the inner envelope of a wedding invitation in cursive or in script. It is polite to refer to your guest by their first name in this situation.


Answer by  butofcourse (8)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

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