lawn mowers


Question by  CW11 (29)

Why do I have trouble pulling the starter of a manual lawn mower?

I've seen others do it, but I can't start the mower.


Answer by  Drew73 (126)

If the mower is old it may not be as smooth as newer models or or it may be clogged with some small debris or rusted which makes it difficult.


Answer by  LTGJoe (56)

Sometimes this can be because of an empty gas tank and other times the lawn mower's starting mechanism just is not as new and functional as the more recent models of mowers.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

First, make sure you've got that lever on the handle pulled in. The mower won't run with it up. Second, it takes a lot of force to pull the engine through compression fast enough; try pulling the cord several times in quick succession.

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