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Question by  navywriter (790)

When does Zexion appear in Kingdom Hearts?

Who is it?


Answer by  ladybird (96)

Zexion is an antagonist in the game series. He first appears in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. (Spoilers: He was a lab assistant to Ansem prior to the start of the first game--at that time his name was Ienzo. During their research on the Heart, Zexion suggested the creation of the underground lab for their work.)


Answer by  DawnDove (76)

Zexion is a Nobody that is a boss battle in Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories. He also appears in 358/2 Days when Xion first joins the Organization. In order to fish Zexion in Chain Of Memories, you must play as Riku to battle him. He holds a book and has hair covering one half of his face.

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