Question by  xx (24)

In the game Kingdom Hearts, how do you defeat the tiger head?

I am playing Kingdom hearts and can not get past this point.


Answer by  catewheeler (289)

Let your partners take care of the Heartless while you attack the Tiger Head. When he sticks his head in the sand, jump on top and wait for him to lift it up. Then you just lock onto his eyes and hit them until they turn yellow!


Answer by  14lvl (144)

Have Donald on cure, and Aladin in your party, and have them take care of the heartless. Climb up the back of the head, and attack the eyes with as many combos as you can, casting Areo to keep the direct attacks away.


Answer by  fretlord420 (89)

Run around to the back of the boss and climb up his head; stand between his ears and hack away. Occasionally he will hit you; if your life gets low drop down and defeat some heartless to regain health.


Answer by  miiohau (9)

you need to get on the head and attack the eyes. the way I do this is going Around the back and get on the Ridge and walk along the Ridge to eyes.

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