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Question by  sarahk (12)

What would cause *really* bad breath?

Nothing seems to help it.


Answer by  Jo46 (394)

You may be suffering from halitosis, which is an actual medical condition that should be seen by a doctor. If you have a bad tooth, it could also be infection.


Answer by  raybaby (25)

There are several things that can cause bad breath. It can be from the foods you eat, you're not flossing, a digestive disorder, or you aren't scraping your tongue.


Answer by  dmd (67)

There is not one thing that causes bad breath. It can be caused by poor dental care which can lead to infections of the gums. It can also be caused by what you eat. Foods such as garlic and onion have strong odors that stay with you. There are also medical conditions such as acid reflux that casue bad breath.


Answer by  rosso (11)

Bad breath can be caused by a mix of food and drinks.I think that bad breath also comes from the stomach, because of the ongoing digestive process, that actually has some primary components and the components after the process, one of them is the bad breath, that everyone is aware of.

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