Question by  leelawati (35)

How do you treat bad breath in a dog?

My dogs breath is always rancid.


Answer by  Am4doh (14)

An easy way to get rid of your dog's bad breath is by brushing your dog's teeth. Another way is buying your canine treats that help with oral care such as pedigree breath busters snacks. If bad breath continues see a veterinarian it could be a liver or kidney disorder.


Answer by  cathyann (82)

Make sure to brush your dogs teeth. Talk to your vet for a dental cleaning. Check out your dogs food and make sure it isn't eating any raw meats because that can make their breath worse. Beware of soft dog foods, you may want to switch to dry food.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

If a dog has very bad breath then most likely there is a reason for this. Most likely your dog has some rotten teeth or gum disease. In order to solve this issue a visit to the vet will be needed.


Answer by  msjanetjones (158)

After determining that the odor is not caused by illness a regular teeth brushing is in order. There are several products on the market designed for canines.

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