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Question by  brianna (24)

What is the best treatment for a pinched nerve - to move around or stay still?

I have a pinched nerve.


Answer by  MedicalMan (123)

These types of health treatments are ambiguous at best, you should consult a physician before doing anything to "official" icy-hot pads are great, and fluids do as much as-the stereotype.


Answer by  garymarkle (599)

It is best if you do not move around alot when you have a pinched nerve, your doctor will definatly tell you to avoid any movement that aggrivates the compression. A brace, splint or some type of immobilization device may also be used, depending on where the nerve is located


Answer by  mahee (720)

It is best if do not move around a lot when have apinched nerve because it can be more harmful for the affected area. Should avoid any movement which aggrivates the compression. There need to apply indirect cold packs for 30 minuts also some days. And a massage or some gentle stretching of the painful area.


Answer by  fishy (1085)

Pinched nerves should be rested as much as possible. Immobilizing the limb may be necessary in some situations. Nerves, when pinched, tend to hurt for a day to a few days and will eventually go back to normal after sufficient rest. Medications will usually not help with the pain and moving around a lot is definitely not recommended.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

Some exercises and therapy are prescribed for this condition. The affected area should not be overworked. If you stay still, the area will stiffen and pain will worsen.


Answer by  JodiJ (312)

The recommended treatment for a pinched nerve is to initially rest it and apply cold packs for a few days. If you have a long-term problem gentle stretching before use is recommended. If the problem hangs around for more than a few weeks you should go see your doctor.


Answer by  starmlw (960)

The best treatment is what ever will relieve the pain. Most times a doctor is not able to tell you the cause. Sit or move around, which ever feels best.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Your doctor may treat you both ways. For the first few days he may want you to rest so the healing process is sped up a little.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

If you just pinched it and there is a lot of pain, rest and use indirect ice on and off every 30 minutes.


Answer by  Kay12 (19)

Working out the pinched nerve is, usually, the best. Nothing strenuous, though. Try a massage or some gentle stretching of the painful area. Be careful not to push too hard, as it could cause further discomfort. Trust what your body tells you.

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