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Question by  littlefitzi (16)

What is the best rated suv on the market?


Answer by  wade99 (63)

The best rated suv on the market is the Audi Q5. For a luxury car priced under forty five thousand dollars, it offers everything that you would want such as high-end electronics and still getting the performance part right. All the while looking stylish. Another contender is Toyota Sequoia which is roomy and has tons of power underneath the hood.


Answer by  ReMx3dit (31)

I ,personally ,would advise the 2009 Toyota Highlander or the 2009 Mazda CX9. Both are very versatile SUV's which can be easily converted from a 7 seater to a 5 seater for that extra space in the back. Toyata is known for its durability and sturdy build. While the Mazda CX9 goes to a more luxury kind of SUV.


Answer by  JOHNEBEG (486)

The best overall package is the Ford Escape with its design and performance. The domestic Ford Escape has no foreign vehicle competitor that comes close. The Ford Escape has the latest intelligent 4WD. It also has a very comfortable interior and is media friendly. It has a six speed transmission and the hybrid is king.


Answer by  6ixk (1156)

Thats a skeptical question. Depending on what you want to do, I would suggest Land Rover, luxury and brute force to get you out of any stuck situation. For a daily driver, I would suggest something smaller, Perhaps a Honda.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

You would get a lot of answers for this. Everyone has different priorities and so do you. So if you could explain that what you really are looking for in a SUV, it would be more helpful but anyways i myself love the Ford Escape. It has everything i need and has been working great.

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