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Question by  Rebeccaz (23)

Is Husguvarna mowers one of the best on the market?

I would like to know if my Husguvarna is one of the better mowers on the market.


Answer by  eyesfan (111)

They are becoming more popular every year. More mainstream then before. They are not particularly better then other mowers on the market but they do seem to have more popular features then other brands.


Answer by  happytimes63 (865)

Husguvarna is a higher priced mower, and they are competitive with other high end products. They do have a good warranty and are a dependable mower.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Well it is pretty good but I'm not sure that is the best on the market. There are some other brands out there that are equally good and they include black and decker. I haven't even heard of the brand you are mentioning before. Does it even sell at big department stores?


Answer by  Cheri99 (187)

Popular Mechanics rated Husqvarna the "Best Mower of 2007". They offer lots of options, and in my opinion offer the best value for the money.


Answer by  safnme3 (179)

I have not owned one myself but I have heard great things from people that have owned them. So I would say yes they are one of the top mowers on the market.


Answer by  anon15 (87)

Husqvarna makes a variety of quality mowers, however not knowing the model, it's tough to say. They do make quality products, but it's possible you may have gotten a lemon.


Answer by  worker5560 (37)

With their Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines, over-equipped cutting systems, and in terms of durability, efficiency, safety and ergonomics, Husqvarna mowers are indeed a class above on the market.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

It is a good mower, but its on the expensive side. Toro, Honda, or Briggs Stratton make more affordable mowers, which meet most lawnowner needs.

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