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Question by  Pcv (9)

What is the age limit to enlist in the US army?


Answer by  x (96)

According to U.S. law, one must be at least 17 to enlist in the military (with parental consent) and the Army does not accept those older than 42. However, the individual branches have different maximum ages, and if you have previous experience, you may be able to apply for an age waiver to transfer to another branch.


Answer by  Buf (39)

The current upper age limit is 42 years of age. This was increased in January 2006, before that time the upper age limit for enlistment was 35 years of age.


Answer by  critesb1 (224)

Age was increased to 42 around June 26,2006. For the reason that older people are more dependable than younger ones. More likely to keep there wits about them.

Reply by philosophy (243):
Honestly, I dont think that is the reason... I think they just needed more troops. They also opened the doors to less physically fit enlistees.  add a comment

Answer by  dlcobb (4)

If a 56 year old man wishes to join the military - why not? He can kill just as easily as a young person. So many young men die for our country. It is time for them to come home and allow the that 56 year old man to serve.


Answer by  latintxn54 (3)

I too am 56 and have often thought of serving but now at this phase of life, I'm curious as to whether I might be eligble to serve in some capacity.

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