Question by  KIRAN21 (48)

What is the age limit for Navy officers?

My son thinks he can be an officer but I think he is too old.


Answer by  JonEMN2 (46)

Because you must be 55 at retirement, and you're required to be commissioned for 20 years, you must have started your commission before the age of 35.


Answer by  guyver3869 (449)

The age limit for most services is around 32-35. Now it is possible to become a warrent officer beyond this requirement.


Answer by  kmoore (60)

If your son is not currently enlisted in the Navy, the maximum age to enter the Naval Academy is not yet 23 on July 21st in the year he is applying for admission. There are various officer programs if he is currently enlisted, and they have less age restrictions.


Answer by  jackyl565 (26)

There are different age limits for people to become an officer in the United States Navy depending on the type of career field that you go into. For some fields the maximum age limit is 35. These include Supply and Intel. If you are going to go SWO, Seal, or EOD it is 31. Pilot is 29.


Answer by  HDgearjammer (30)

The maximum age limit to become a Navy Officer by federal law is 35, the age limit must not have been reached upon graduation or commissioning.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Most recruiters will tell you that 35 is a general rule, but it depends on the position. Different positions have different age limitations on them.

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