Question by  sweeny (15)

What is normal duck behavior?

There is a duck on our pond who is behaving quite strangely.


Answer by  Rani60 (351)

Domestic duck behavior is somewhat different than wild ducks. We think ducks are always in water and nothing more. They talk to each other by quacking. In normal duck we can able to touch them.


Answer by  grace0210 (31)

Ducks can take off vertically from land or water.They rarely move in a smooth, quiet continuous motion. They are rather fast and rigid when it comes to flying. They can be classified through feeding patterns. They can be either dabbling or diving ducks. Dabblers move their bills around in shallow water while feeding while divers immerse completely.


Answer by  jcl2586 (41)

ducks are monogamous meaning they mate for life so most of the time a male and female will be seen together. otherwise usually a group of males are seen together. they swim and dive theier heads under water to eat or they rest near the shoreline.


Answer by  NurseB (513)

Ducks can exhibit all kinds of bizarre behavior. I had a duck that used to wait for me to get off the school bus everyday. Lonely duck=strange duck.


Answer by  Anonymous

Nothing about ducks in normal! Mine is a riot, she is in love with our dog, yells at you when she feels neglected and is the yard safety monitor, no running when Danger is on duty :)


Answer by  hellbell (25)

Ducks are nocturnal creatures and therefore will often be found sleeping in the midday sun. They are usually found on or around ponds or lakes and live in flocks.


Answer by  sony448 (100)

A normal duck in a pond would usually be swimming slowly. It's feet would be in the water paddling. Sometimes, a duck will duck it's head into the pond.


Answer by  amanda1988 (5)

Well i dont know much knowledge on ducks.But i would think they should quack,eat,and swim.And if thier not i would seek veterinary care for it.And see what the problem maybe.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Ducks are fascinating little creatures to watch. Wild Ducks tend to fly around from place to place and will land in local ponds or water holes to go swimming. They swim around and quack for a while and move on to the next place. Tame ducks don't usually fly.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

They are shy birds, and often stay up late into the night. They spend most of their time in flocks not alone.


Answer by  Anonymous

Beware the elusive pond duck. They have been known to sneak into your home and steal your breath while you sleep. You've been warned.

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