Question by  mani27 (10)

What is appropriate wedding fashion nowadays?

I haven't been to one in a while.


Answer by  Adelle (277)

Nowadays anything goes. Be tasteful, but don't feel the need to shy away from a particular color. However it is generally considered unacceptable to wear white to a wedding as this will distract from the bride who's spent lots of money on her dress. However it is not considered inpolite to wear a classic little black dress.


Answer by  foodie213 (301)

Weddings can vary in levels of formality. For example, it is becoming more common for couples to have casual beach or outdoor weddings rather than a very formal church wedding (generally you can't go wrong with a nice dress or pantsuit). The bride or her mother should be able to give you an idea of casual or formal dress.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Avoid wearing white and if you can whatever color the bridal party is wearing. Women should wear a dress and men should wear casual dress up clothing.

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