Question by  jboston19 (30)

What is an unbeatable chess opening?


Answer by  Dave22 (98)

There is not an unbeatable chess opening. If there was, everyone would use it and no one would bother playing the game. Any opening can be properly countered as long as the opponent has any sense of strategy.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

There is no unbeatable chess opening. Every opening has defenses that will counter. What you need to find is an opening that suits your game ( agressive or conservative).


Answer by  LuxFlowz (69)

There is no such thing as an unbeatable chess opening. If there was, there would never be any chess competitions because one can automatically win. Every chess move and method has a counter. You can trick your opponent at times, but there is never a sure way to win with a set method.


Answer by  worker335384 (14)

First move your pawn that is in front of your king up two spaces. Next move your bishop that is on the right of your king over four spaces. Then move your knight that is on the right of the king up two spaces an over one to the left.


Answer by  fesdre (655)

The unbeatable chess opening is the one that requires only four moves to win. I have seen this used once of twice. There are a couple of moves that you can make to avoid getting clobbered that fast, but that is unbeatable for the most part. I say that because you can fall in that trap.


Answer by  amswplusone (652)

There is no possible opening that is unbeatable. But some key points typically include short diagonal pawn lines (they reinforce the leaders), using knights for multi-directional defense (can cover several of your pieces), and seize as much of the center of the board as you can.


Answer by  Anonymous

You can probably move pawn in front of king forward once and then move the queen toleft a couple spaces. thenmove bishop left to protect queen. finally, kill pawn infront of bishop opponets bishop ( left of king). easiest and fastest checkmate.

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