Question by  Mary90 (78)

What is a good style when you wear a size 16 dress?

I know I can be stylish I am just not sure how.


Answer by  flowermom (88)

It definitely depends upon your shape, but most often it is best to accentuate your upper body. This includes not only your chest but also your face with accessories that bring the eye up towards your face. Scarves and larger earrings work well, but make sure that they go with your other dress.


Answer by  kimmc (91)

Definitely an a-line dress, the flare away from the body is universally flattering. An empire waist on top is a great option, it tends to slim the mid-section.


Answer by  sarah237 (385)

The best style for a size sixteen dress is to make sure your dress is fitted and not too big because this makes the size look even bigger.There is no need to look frumpy.


Answer by  Jenny25525 (708)

Well if you want to look skinnier in your dress, your better off going with dark monotone colors. Also your neck should be a halter style or v neck. This will make you look better in a size 16 dress. Consider wearing a cardigan of some sort as well if you like.

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