Question by  nikhil303 (11)

What French wine comes in a bent bottle?


Answer by  ellismiller (107)

The wine is J.P. Chenet. It is synonymous with pleasure and hospitality, J.P. Chenet was the forerunner of French-style 'world wine.' They have still wines, and sparkling wines. They even have a wine flavored drink called Cassis which has a nose of blackcurrant. A supple mouth, pleasant and balanced, which support the sensitivity of the fruit wonderfully.


Answer by  mike707 (63)

j.P. Chenet is a French wine brand formed in 1974 and developed a unique curved bottle baptized "Josephine" for its original curves, a tilted neck and a generous body.


Answer by  dbusha1 (175)

Not all wine bottles look the same. Next time you go wine shipping, pick something with a twist--make a selection from J. P. Chenet, the wine in the bent bottle.

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