Question by  elaineragagmailcom (11)

What does etiquette say about serving and drinking wine?


Answer by  Emr (698)

When you serve wine to your guests, use proper wine glasses and not cocktail glasses and certainly not tumblers. When you drink the wine, hold it by the stem. Don't cup it in your hands - that's done with brandy, not wine, and is very unsophisticated.


Answer by  dmitzman (28)

Wine should be served in the appropriate glasses according to its type, age, temperature, etc. Wine should be poured using the right hand only, and never using a "backhand" motion.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

Be a gracious host-serve older guests first, then women. Make sure that you don't invite too many people-no one likes to be crowded. For food, serve plain French bread, unsalted crackers or mozzarella cheese. For guests: no smoking, please! Hold your wine glass by the glass stem.

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