Question by  Jackson77 (15)

What do you serve with Sauternes wine?

I was given some Sauternes wine and have no idea what to pair it with.


Answer by  serendip (408)

Sauternes is a sweet wine, so you will want a food that goes well with sweet, perhaps a cheesecake with fruit topping.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Sauternes is a beautiful golden-hued dessert wine that can be paired with many things. Try a strong tasting aged cheese for a nice contrast or nut based desserts, not too sweet, included dried fruit as well. You can try serving it by itself as well as it is interesting enough to hold on its own.


Answer by  alex85 (57)

Sauternes is a very sweet wine with notes of honey, apricots and nuts. Sauternes should be served with a dessert that is not as sweet as the wine, or, with a cheese. Blue cheese with Sauternes is excellent, a fresh goat cheese is also good. Dark chocolate or fresh fruit would also be good.


Answer by  EnergyRat (39)

I would recomend, cheese or maybe a smaller fish. Small fish include ; redfish ,flounder ,trout ,tuna, and salmon. Enjoy


Answer by  Emre (125)

If you are asking me; hazelnut, blue cheese, nutty petit pain is the only answer that i should give you.

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