Question by  aphrodite1988 (21)

What do you do about hard drive failure?


Answer by  Adrian27 (338)

You should first format your hard drive. If that doesn't work it means your problems are a bit more complicated and should contact a specialist.


Answer by  BrokenWits (382)

It depends. For data corruption on the hard drive, you can run a command that may fix it. Go to Start, and then click on Run. Then type in cmd and press enter. When the command prompt window opens, type chkdsk. If that finds anything it may ask you to restart your computer to fix it.


Answer by  Phil28 (379)

Backup on a regular basis and from time to time check on the SMART information your harddrive provides you with, which can be an indicator on how close to dying the harddrive is. Replace it when the errors get worse. If it already failed you, try spinrite.


Answer by  LexiP (722)

Your best bet is to get a new hard drive. If you had any really important information on there, you might be able to salvage it by bringing it to a computer shop (such as MicroCenter) and asking if they can recover the data. Be warned though, it's relatively expensive.

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