Question by  Kristina (22)

What could be the cause of weepy eyes in a standard poodle?


Answer by  redsol1 (35)

Weepy eyes in a standard poodle are a genetic trait common to most poodles. It is caused by the tear duct begin to small to drain the tears properly.


Answer by  remixedx3 (26)

A dog can sometimes get weepy or wet eyes if they have are sick, or have a cold. Sometimes "weepy" eyes are a trick of the light.


Answer by  Donald (42)

The cause of the weepy eyes could be many things but I hear a lot of people describe their pets as that but it is propbably catarats.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Make sure the hair by the dogs eyes isn curling back and ittitating the eye make sure there is nothing in the dogs eye check for eye infection.


Answer by  eleroy119jug (0)

It is a common trat for poddles to have weepy eyes because of small tear ducts

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