Question by  Gway (12)

What can I do for a mouth infection in a 9-month-old baby?


Answer by  Kriket (1029)

It is probably thrush. If you are breast feeding the doctor will prescribe an anti fungal creme for your breasts and anti fungal medication for your baby. Be sure to sterilize bottles, pacis and toys he puts in his mouth.


Answer by  ChristinaRamirez (481)

Depending on the type of mouth infection the infant has, I recommend taking it to the doctors there are antibiotics that the doctor can prescribe for the infant because more than likely the infant has a bacterial infection in the mouth. Only antibiotics with help with this type of infection. Also you can use Tylenol to ease the pain.


Answer by  PJAGANI (231)

It can be due to mainly fungus known as oral thrush. Can be treated with stomela gel or a drop of gentian violet locally.


Answer by  jane51 (287)

always consult a doctor whem treating a baby, do not try self medications or advise from friends, infections can become wors and spread

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