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Question by  bingozone (40)

What are the best tabletop radios?


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

1) Bose Wave Radio II 2)Sangren WR II and 3) Sangren WR-2 Digital. Based on price, style, quality of tuner and sound quality.


Answer by  lshaw99 (12)

The best tabletop radio is by far the Bose Wave System with Multi CD Changer. Although this system is on the more expensive side, it provides the best, crisp, clear sound quality, and features an easy to use FM/AM tuner. You won't be sorry with this radio.


Answer by  bubence (19)

I judged the following criteria when judging the best table top radios overall: price, style, quality of the AM/FM tuner, and sound quality.1. Bose Wave System with Multi-CD Changer 2. Bose Wave Radio II 3.Sangean WR-3 CD Player 4. Sangean WR-2 Digital AM/FM Wooden Table-Top Radio 5. Sangean WR-11 AM/FM Table Top Radio


Answer by  spec5 (4)

One of the best tabletop radios I have ever owned is Bose. It has superb sound quality in a small package!!

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