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Question by  dr (23)

What are the best restaurants in Greektown in Chicago?

I am Greek.


Answer by  JanetSteinberg (89)

The Parthenon, located in the heart of Greektown, Chicago, is my favorite. Every classic Greek dish is well represented on the menu. Also check out Pan Hellenic Pastry Shop, where a veritable plethera of Greek pastries, both sweet and savory are beautifully displayed in glass cases and can be served on site or picked up for take out.


Answer by  BOB6415 (6)

There are two restaurants that I personally enjoy in Greek town. The first that I like to go to is Greek Islands. The food taste very authentic along with being affordable. The other place that is great is called Athena. I like this one very much also.


Answer by  Jess35 (445)

There are many restaurants in Greektown in Chicago; go online to search for reviews for some of the restaurants that sound appealing to you. Some good restuarants that I have eaten at are Meli Cafe and Chinese Yum Yum.


Answer by  sandeepanandsharma (11)

In Chicago many best Greek restaurants. we write here some restaurent name 1.Venus Greek-Cypriot Cuisine,2.Cross-Rhodes,3.Greek Islands,4.Santorini,5.Athena,6.Pegasus restaurants and Taverna,7.Costa' above all restaurant you test good Greek food. We know many Greek restaurants name. But i think above all Restaurants are the best for you because they provide good sitting arrangement and good service to you.

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