Question by  mandiravathi (22)

What are the best front loader washers?


Answer by  case (1261)

I have never been disappointed an any Kennmore products that I have purchased. I love my Kennmore front washer. I have not had any issues with it. I able to wash some much more clothes than I use to with my old washer. I do not think you will be unhappy with a Kennmore front washer.


Answer by  housemama (69)

The best front end washing machines are Whirlpool GE. They come in many colours to match your decor, and it can clean a whole family's clothes in one load!


Answer by  Susie (87)

A far as consumer ratings, Samsung manufactures a good front load washing machine. Beware, though, front loading washing machines do not clean items as well as top loading washing machines without an extended wash cycle.


Answer by  heatherbooboo (655)

I love my LG washer its very large and it works great. It has a steam cycle that is just like dry cleaning your clothes.

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