Question by  freddie (28)

What are the best computer animation programs?

I want to be an animator.


Answer by  johson (18)

The best animation program depends on if you want to use 3d or 2d. For 2d you should learn Adobe Flash. For 3d animation you should learn Rhino, Maya, Blender or 3d Studio Max. All of these are the industry standards.


Answer by  randolphea (19)

Adobe Flash is a great program for animations. It allows you to do a variety of things, from creating movies, to animated Web sites. There is a big of a learning curve, especially with the actionscript language. However, if you can learn it, it's a great tool for animators.


Answer by  psyanoid (163)

The best computer animation programs are 3D Studio Max and MAYA if you are into 3d animation and Adobe Flash and Adobe Aftereffects if you want to do two dimensional animation. But all these software are very expensive and thus it might be a good idea to start with a good free software like Blender (3d) or Synfig Studio (2d).

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