Question by  sebzanga (18)

Who makes the highest quality computer animation software?


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

There are many companies that claim to have the best animation software but not all of them can be best. Animation software depends on the skill level of the use so never choose a program that overpowers your abilities. If you are an expert most of them use 3DSMax as their primary animation software.


Answer by  PhoPho (153)

There are many opinions about which computer animation software is the best. Among some of the top software is Xara 3D, Adobe Dimension, Amorphium, and Poser. For more intermediate users, programs such as Strata 3D, Pixels (Mac) Bryce 3D, and Blender are good choices as well. There are also more basic programs such as Maya.


Answer by  RobR (35)

Pixar makes some of the highest rated computer animation software. Using it in their movies as well as marketing a 'lite' version for kids.


Answer by  jaljl25 (547)

I think Pixar makes really great quality animation software for the children. You can purchase this online at Ebay or an online disney store.

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