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Question by  Sairabanu (27)

What are some uses for antiseptic solution?


Answer by  Tommy77 (49)

Antiseptic solution is mostly going to be used to clean out any wounds or abrasions that you may have in your mouth. Make sure though to use it sparingly. You can also cause infections and canker sores when you use too much of the solution. Use as little as possible.


Answer by  maugemaria (74)

It is mainly used to avoid infections by reducing the growth of germs. Hospitals use it, after adding water, in open wounds for cleansing.


Answer by  kak (488)

Quinoline, alcohols,ammonium and phenal derivatives are used for skin disinfecting. Peroxides can be used for irrigating and wound cleansing. Diguanides are used for skin prep and cleansing.


Answer by  vannusri (63)

1. Cleanse the wound/area where you are using it. 2. If it is used a mouth wash, it cleanses all the remote areas where you cannot reach 3. As a mouth wash it also helps when you cannot brush your teeth,because of sore mouth/ulcers


Answer by  Snichole (195)

Antiseptic solution is good for a mouth rinse, mild wound care, and treatment on sensitive infection prone skin areas to prevent infection from happening.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

it can be used on simple tooth aches, severe tooth aches, canker sores on the mouth or gum line. its great for numbing any kind of oral discomforts when you cant get to a dentist.


Answer by  visira779 (269)

Some uses of antiseptic solutions are to use on wounds, cuts, scrapes, burns and scratches that are mild. It is also used as an cleansing antidote too. It cleans out wounds so that no infection spreads widely. It is also used as an rubbing solution when you want to rub it on a bump that is itching.

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