Question by  Vic (38)

What are some instant win games that pay a lot?

If I wanted a "get rich quick" fantasy--which game would be the best?


Answer by  poetacallejero (7)

Well really there is not a game that you can win and they pay a lot fast. But a good site that pays a lot is Amazon Mechanical Turk. In that web site you do task and if you do it right they will pay you a lot.


Answer by  talhadetho (106)

I think poker is the game you want.Fortunes can be won AND lost in minutes in this game.That is the ideal game when it comes to "get rich quick" fantasies


Answer by  Georg (21)

You do know there are on such games, do you? The only one winning is always the bank. But according to mathematicians, the best chances for you to win (still less than 50%) are in Blackjack. If you count the cards and calculate probabilities for each card.


Answer by  BestSuit (62)

If you want to get rich, you need to play the mega million drawings where they draw numbers. You can win on scratch tickets, but not enough to get rich.

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