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Question by  Adit (26)

How do you win at poker on Xbox 360?

I need help defeating this game.


Answer by  BBBrian (282)

Besides using cheat codes, the best way would be to learn some poker skills. Try looking online or doing a search on amazon for different types of poker books. Not only would you be able to use them in game but you can use them in the real world as well.


Answer by  arcadefan (75)

First off it's important to understand how to play poker. Listen to your opponents and watch the cards, what's on the table and your own cards as well. But do a quick internet search for Poker basics, this will really help!


Answer by  mike2923 (4)

You must first learn how the particular game you are trying to play works before you can beet it. Different poker games are won different ways. However, knowing how to play poker does help. It could be easy, or it could be hard.


Answer by  blahblah11 (8)

You need to have the right strategies. Play very cautious. Don't play every had just because you can. Wait till you get a really good hand then play it.

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