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Question by  good (14)

What are some home remedies for swelling of an abscessed tooth?

The entire side of my face is swollen due to an abscessed tooth.


Answer by  ruth27 (56)

Home remedies include gargling with warm salt water; Placing a dry tea bag on the affected tooth aiding to draw out bacteria and pressing a cold compress against the cheek to aid with swelling relief. Drinking water every half an hour aids pain, gargling water mixed with tea tree oil, cloves or ginger works as a temporary antidote.


Answer by  luyuma (253)

The abscessed tooth is infected and needs antibiotics. For immediate temporary relief, gargle a glass of water with a tablespoon of salt. You can also mix a small teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with water and gargle a few minutes in the morning and night. To reduce pain, take two aspirins or Tylanol. Please see a dentist as soon as possible.


Answer by  Mary15 (347)

Quite honestly you will have to make a trip to the dentist. An abscessed tooth means that there can be an infection within the tooth and it will only get worse if not dealt with. For the moment, avoid overly acidic, hot, cold, crunchy and tough foods but get checked.


Answer by  maithry (66)

if you have abscessed tooth just starting,then put a dry tea bag inside of your teeth and leave in a 15 minutes. Instead of tea bag we can also use salt water. if your teeth abscessed more than 6 months,please you broke the skin that abscessed tooth,and spitted out through mouth. and you can use ice inside your mouth.

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