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Question by  Sally1049 (158)

What are some fun math games for elementary school?

I am working at an educational camp.


Answer by  bob41 (33)

Have all of the students line up. Show each student a flash card for a short time. If they don't get the answer before you put it down, they're out.


Answer by  Ron27 (465)

Game is called 21: Players stand in a circle, and one person starts counting, he can either say "one" or "one two." The next person picks up where he left off, and can add up to two numbers. When someone says "21," he is out and the counting restarts.


Answer by  ally2243 (31)

My students always loved playing "Magic Squares". That is just where you have a square of smaller blank squares inside of it. You can choose to put some of the numbers in there, or none or all depending on the childrens ages. All the numbers have to equal up to the same amount,a cross, and up & down.


Answer by  kc14 (18)

Depending on the age of the students you are working with, you may want to take a look at the "24" games put out by Suntex. The "classic" ("single digits") version of the game is aimed at ages 9 and up, and it's made for a fun classroom game.

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