Question by  kate8480 (2)

Can you give me some ideas for vocabulary games for elementary students?

I want to do something fun but something to expand their vocabulary lists.


Answer by  Oedipus98 (14)

Interactive and fun vocabulary games for students are hangman, word searches and story blanks. Hangman allows for encoding and spelling of words. Word searches allow for recognition and familiarization of vocabulary. Story blanks allow students to complete passages with appropriate words that fit into the context of the story.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Create a list of words. Then give each student a word. Reward those who find the most synonyms for that word. Repeat the game with whomever finds the most opposites. Have students list words that are overused in their every day vocabulary. Then task each student to find a new word for each of these over-used terms.


Answer by  klamp (98)

There is a plethora of games out there just for this. Hangman is probably the most fun and simple but there is also scrabble, boggle, charades, crosswords, art, magnets and things of that sort. You can also collaborate with students to make up your own classroom rules for games!

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