Question by  rixills (32)

What are some free wedding craft ideas?

We are on a low budget.


Answer by  peach27 (65)

Hersheys bar. Remove wrapping, until only wrapped with aluminum. Buy pretty scrapbooking paper. Wrap bars with this and tie with pretty ribbon with a tag of bride and grooms name.


Answer by  xsut (943)

Their are variety of wedding craft ideas that can be found on the internet. For example, you can make your own wedding invitations utilizing regular printer paper, glitter, cardstock, and an artsy hand. Also, you can put together your own wedding flowers. Another option is going to dollar stores to find cheap things that look expensive.


Answer by  decomom (923)

One of the things that I did for my low budget wedding was make custom candy bar wrappers for miniture chocolate bars bought on clearance after Easter (pink was one of my colors). I simple removed the wrapper and measured the size to create labels that size on my computer.

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