Question by  maryA (42)

What are some filling, low-carb snacks?

Most snacks I eat just make me hungrier.


Answer by  dentonbecca (270)

If you want some filling snacks that are low carb look for natural foods that have a large percentage of water.These include a large number of fruit and vegetables. High protein snacks are also good.


Answer by  hellopiper (324)

The key to satisfying cravings and feeling full is to choose high-protein snacks. String cheese, beef jerky, hard boiled eggs, tuna, or cottage cheese are all good choices.


Answer by  Pilar (22)

Cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini or carrots are good options for vegetables. Almonds or other nuts are also great to get a "full" stomache feeling. Fruits are handy and make for excellent low carb fillers. If you can incorporate any of these into a soup or broth format that would be the most filling as the liquid is naturally filling.


Answer by  Tranwreck (279)

Meats are filling and make a great snack. Chicken, beef, pork, fish, and turkey are all low in carbohydrates, and will fill you up quite nicely. Also, vegetables like carrots and celery are very low in carbohydrates.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

There are many things you can eat that are both healthy for you as well as being low carb. If you want something filling, but want to stay away from carbs try some protein or any fruit or vegetable. Fruits and vegetables are filling and very good for you. Eat an apple or banana.


Answer by  LTGJoe (56)

Vegetables are always the best option, although they do not fill you up as much. Go with complex carbs like brown rice or oatmeal that will slowly burn for hours.

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